Updates for the Silence

I logged in today to change a few things around. You’ll notice my username and the website have changed. Thought that things needed a bit of sprucing up and updating (on all fronts). Things got super busy around March. I began working on a new cross stitch project for a wedding then things got swept up in the job hunt. Which was soon followed by finishing up my project, interviewing (yikes!), then beginning a new job.

Things have been hectic as I’ve had my routine changed over the course of the past few months. While they have been for the better I’ve been horrible about updating. I’m hoping to change that around these next few months and certainly get back into a pattern by the new year. Please bear with me as I try to get back into the swing of things!!

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Roses Are Red

I have been trying so hard the past few days to get my cross stitch roses completed. I really want to move on to another project and take a break from counting stitches. That’s not going to happen anytime soon though.

P1060827Not quite finished yet. I am trying not to rush things, but cabin fever has set in and I just want to do 20 things at once!

My hoop is over the area I’m working on. You can see some of the lighter beige stitches, those go all the way around the roses. Then I have one more color to do. There is an end in sight!

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A Small Stone House

SmallhouseThe park by my house has a little ‘village’ of stone houses surrounded by a fence. The sign that explained that was encrusted with snow, so I wasn’t able to read their description. But they made for some good pictures.


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March Sunday Update 2014

First time this year that I not only managed to get two posts up within a week, but I’m giving ya’ll a Sunday update!

Been working away at the cross stitch pattern. Hopefully I’ll get a progress photo up midweek. I managed to get almost all my weekends off from my retail job in February due to a severe lack of hours available. Means more time for crafts because it has been far too cold and snowy for me to take walks.

A few weeks ago I did manage to get up to one of my local parks and try out my new camera.

UphighThere was no wind so all the snow that had fallen overnight was perfectly perched on the tree branches and just looked amazing. I was glad that it was warm enough for me to walk up there. Well worth the trek!

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Happy March!

So sorry that I’ve missed the first two months out of the year!! Things haven’t been going too smoothly for me and it’s mainly weather related. If you’re anywhere in the US then your winter has been rather funky and possibly snow filled. Well, I’m in the mid west and we’ve been dumped quite often over the past two months. This has meant that I’ve had to deal with driving in the snow, shoveling, and freezing cold weather, all which makes me rather lethargic. And that means little gets done other than what’s absolutely necessary.

I haven’t done any paper cutting, which is frustrating. But I have been doing other crafts.

P1060824This is what is stalling any paper cutting projects. I’ve been working on this for the past month. While I’ve managed to get a large portion of it completed there’s still so much left to do! Although, this fits in with my New Years resolution of getting crafts done. Looking forward to finishing this up in the next month. Not sure if I’ll get a paper cutting project done or use up some of my yarn stash. I think I’ll have to take a short break from the 4 other cross stitch patterns that I need to get completed.

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A Present


An 8.5″x11″ cardstock paper cutting of a pug.

This one my mother requested that I do for someone. I’ve never actually met the woman, but it’s one of my mother’s coworker’s daughters. I used to get hand-me-down clothes from her. My mother thought it would be nice for me to do a cutting for her. And I figured why not.

This is the woman’s dog. I opted not to do the tedious cutting of a wood background so I grabbed a piece of scrapping booking paper with a wood grain on it. I quite enjoy the contrast.

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2014 Weekly Update

This week was busy. But I did manage to sneak in a bit of time to cut paper. I’ll post my final version of the piece on Wednesday. I’ve got a bit more time today before I get to start another 50 hour work week (wahoo…) so I’ll try to get at least one more cutting planned out.

I want to try something before I resort to printing this one out and using it as a template. I do believe I’ve got some sketchbooks that I can use.

As for work. It’s been a bit crazy this past week. I live in the midwest and we were hit hard by the frigid cold that the US got. I worked from home the first two days of the week. Not that either of those days were very productive, aside from working. There was a lot of tea to be consumed in order to keep warm.

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